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The Measure
Of University Perfection

Conventional Teaching and Learning Tradition at the University

So far, for gaining and conveying knowledge, the universities confine themselves almost exclusively to the spoken and printed word.

With this limited and, in regard to the truth, downright blind methodology one believes, one is able to teach knowledge; but one has completely lost sight of the actual, original revelation of truth; only someone who, due to the fortunate support of nature, has inherited by birth the process of real cognition of truth – based in pure self-consciousness – can act as a great man, and will at some point also be acknowledged as such.

This applies as much to science as to art and philosophy. But with this the state of educational emergency is pre-programmed, under which the present time is groaning so seriously.

Lack of Success of the Educational Expert in His Time

Only the integration of outer and inner cognition guarantees the success of teaching: as well to the one who is learning as to the one who is teaching.
At a time when universities crawl with dull educational promises for securing an allegedly secure material future on the job market the university is in urgent need of new practical ways of success which can be verified by science.

Education which Outlives the Times

An authentic universal formation and conveying of knowledge – which in its core is based on the real tradition of universal knowledge of the great thinkers, philosophers, scientists, artists and prophets in human history – shall enable the professors and students in the university of the future to naturally bring about achievements which do justice the very highest quality standards.
Only such authentic universal formation and conveying of knowledge will be able of freeing today’s societies from the present international educational crisis in their universities and other educational institutions.

At a time when mankind has maneuvered itself to the verge of self-destruction due to mental-emotional blindness, the great thinkers in human history – with their revelations of truth – emerged from the fullness of original creative power beyond time, have to decide about the destiny of mankind.

And they did decide: The new teachers of the university of the future are: the Creator of this universe himself, Almighty Nature and the divine dispositions of man for gaining pure knowledge. The key is the authentic revelation of the harmony laws of the Creator, or of Nature: the universal laws of life; and the teaching method is: the application of these harmony laws, also revealing themselves to us in the microcosm of music, in the fundamental educational field of the inner human forces by using the means of music – just as the great thinkers of all times have determined this.

The untrained educational genius

From his direct insight into the perfect force field of harmony it is very easily possible for a professor but also for a student to bring to light perfect universal knowledge without any outer intellectual advice – whereas in the common outer sense of conventional university education, along the lines of the present-day education disaster, he may even be described as completely “un-studied”, or “uneducated” – “not mis-educated” the new education generation at the universities of the future will call this correctly.

But all universal-creative educational achievement – if it has been created on the basis of pure self-cognition – is grown lively from the universal force field of the harmony laws of the Creator, or of Nature, and therefore has the natural measure of perfection.

And here we are based on the credible testimonials of the great thinkers, philosophers, artists, scientists and prophets in human history.

Why now the universities of the future should not follow their advice and their urgent recommendations – after the old universities were shipwrecked with the old teaching personal, only well-versed in a limited way in the first three states of consciousness, and after they have lead, with their blind zeal, their students and, together with them, all of mankind to the verge of ruin?