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The Totality of All Happiness of Life in Mind

The Music-Creating Thinkers, Philosophers, Prophets

In terms of the great composers, classical music claims to impart universal knowledge, and it gives ample evidence that the great composers of all times have outstanding knowledge and insights – very particularly in the field of the inner human forces –, and also that they are able to communicate them through their music.

The Musical Act beyond Rhetoric

The act of the classical music creator is not so much aimed at explaining what truth actually is; for truth is what it is anyway –
with or without the musical creator or the listener.

The composer mainly focuses on guiding his listener like a somnambulant or a dreamer, but also like a knower, to the source of wisdom and there to let him drink from the immortal nectar.
So the composer concentrates on the path and sees to it that, when treading this path together, the trust and the confidence of his listener grows.

The Listener Turns Poet

And here the composer takes no risk; he employs all the means of his art to systematically increase the poetic capability of his listener for a universal compression of knowledge, and unobtrusively and discreetly he eliminates any doubt.